Whether you’re an executive, manager or line sales professional, today’s economic environment provides a series of challenges that can at times seem overwhelming. Along with our strategic partners, the Gretz Consulting Group specializes in providing business development consulting and the resources and support you need to take your business to the next level. We recognize that selecting a consultant for your business [whether in the area of coaching / mentoring, training, motivation or even curriculum content design] can be challenging. We offer the variety of services you need to grow your business.

sj0439345All of our programs can be provided in the form of large and small group training, as well as group and personal mentoring and coaching and include modules for:

  • Professionals [e.g., physicians, lawyers, etc.]
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Sales professionals
  • Financial Advisors / FA Teams
  • Customer service




Clients retain us as executive level advisors and coaches to consult with personnel from the CEO and board of directors to the front-line customer interface, to create out-of-the-box solutions to problems ranging from toxic cultures to poor leadership issues. We have helped maximize cross-departmental communications and synergies while refocusing senior executive interpersonal skills to build stronger and more cohesive senior management teams.

For example, one of our client companies received a national award for the “most outstanding turnaround” in a one year period and credited us for our work in helping create a highly-motivated team and a value-oriented culture.

Our process begins by meeting with key stakeholders to identify and define your desired outcome and whether we or one of our strategic partners are a good fit. The next step is to create and agree upon a plan to achieve your objectives as well as both a time table and means to measure progress. Once all stakeholders are agreed, we will begin the implementation phase which includes constant evaluation and, where needed, modification of the original plan to maintain continued progress until your goal is achieved.

Individual and Small Group Coaching


sj0443455Our individual and small group coaching services are best suited for executives, managers and sales professionals who require help in dealing with specific issues or problems (e.g., performance enhancement, team-building, motivation, stress management, etc.). We also provide one-on-one and small group training in coaching skills for senior executives and managers to help raise the productivity of the departments and teams they lead.

Helping Senior Executives to Lead & Manage More Effectively


We’ve all heard that “what got you here won’t get you there.” That is, the skills and attitudes that helped you reach executive status may often hold you back from further advancement. We are often called upon to help senior executives who have self-defeating personal or family problems that interfere with their job performance, but who are uncomfortable going to the company’s Employee Assistance Programs. In such situations, we have found that private coaching, both on and off the job, has helped to quickly identify and resolve the core issues of the problem. We also offer a variety of coaching and mentoring programs to help already successful individuals take their careers to the next level.

Repairing Toxic Cultural Structures


Firms also increasingly ask us to come in and repair “toxic cultural structures” that have lead to:

  • Internal ethical issues (e.g., expense and budget fraud, employee dishonesty)
  • Diversity issues (e.g., various forms of exploitation)
  • Internal political manipulation that put personal issues ahead of company goals, or blocked the advancement of key talent, and hurt the financial bottom line.