Books by Karl Gretz

Karl F. Gretz PhD, Victory or Defeat: 7 Reasons Smart Financial Advisors Fail. Available in bookstores Spring 2017, but you can download a free PDF copy now by registering as a member on our web site home page. Victory or Defeat discusses seven common, critical mistakes made by smart, already successful finanacial advisors that keep them from growing their business to the next level and, in many cases, lead to eventual failure.


Books by Karl Gretz & Steve Drozdeck

professional_1Karl Gretz, Steven Drozdeck & Walter Wiesenhutter. Professional Selling: A Consultative Approach. Chicago: Irwin, 1996. (ISBN: 0-256-14384-6). Professional Selling provides a consistent, client-centered approach to sales that is both easy to understand and very effective. Based upon polls of both industry sales managers and college professors, this college text provides an excellent introduction to both new sales personnel and college students and forms the basis of general sales programs.

managing_1Karl Gretz, Steven Drozdeck & James Miller, Managing Your Business For Success: A Guide For The Financial Consultant. Bensalem: D&G Press, 1995. Written to help financial professionals think and act like the chief executive officers of their own businesses instead of like employees, Managing Your Business has helped many financial consultants to utilize their time more effectively by developing their own strategic plan. They learn the value of including long-, intermediate- and short-term goals, their “critical few” objectives and activities as well as developing a marketing plan and mission statement in terms of how they will interrelate with customers and employees. This book takes the reader through a simple, step-by-step process.

brokers_1Steven Drozdeck & Karl Gretz. The Broker’s Edge: How to Sell Securities in Any Market. New York: NYIF/Simon and Schuster, 1995. (ISBN: 0-13-311044-3). A best seller in Canada for over a year, The Broker’s Edge begins by exploring the question of why one should be a client-centered financial consultant and goes on to show how to increase production, client retention and assets under management as well as referrals by focusing on meeting the needs of qualified clients instead of just the bottom line. It then provides an in-depth exploration of the relationship, communications, prospecting, profiling and selling skills needed by even the most experienced financial professional to develop a client-centered business.

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empowering_1Karl Gretz & Steven Drozdeck. Empowering Innovative People: How Managers Challenge, Channel and Control the Truly Creative and Talented Employee. Chicago: Probus Publishing Company, 1992. Chosen as the January 1993 selection by the Executive Book Club, Empowering Innovative People was developed to help managers motivate their creative employees in research and development and marketing to their greatest performance, as well as to obtain increased productivity from non-traditionally creative personnel by empowering them to be creative. (This book has also been published in Spanish by McGraw-Hill.)

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effective_1Karl Gretz & Steven Drozdeck. The Effective Manager: Being the Best in Financial Sales Management. New York: NYIF/ Simon and Schuster, 1991. (ISBN: 0-13-173881-X). This book has been an invaluable resource to thousands of sales and branch managers when working with customers and employees in a consultative setting. Adopted as a manger’s “bible” by many branch office managers, The Effective Manager is considered a tremendous help in establishing an atmosphere that is client-centered.

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consultative_1Karl Gretz & Steven Drozdeck. Consultative Selling Techniques for Financial Professionals. New York: NYIF/Simon and Schuster, 1990. This was the first book written to provide financial consultants with the “how-to’s” of consultative selling. It is currently in the process of being updated. (This book was also published in Czech.)

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Books by Steven Drozdeck

Steven Drozdeck, The Savvy Investor’s Guide to Finding and Evaluating a Financial Advisor. Logan, Financial Forum Publishing (2007). Revised version to be released in 2011 under new title of The Keys to Finding and Evaluating Your Financial Advisor

Steven Drozdeck & Peter Lantos, The Canadian Investor’s Guide to Selecting and Evaluating the “Right” Financial Advisor, Logan, Financial Forum Publishing. (2007)

Steven Drozdeck, The P.R.O.G.R.E.S.S. Model: 8 Steps to Creating a Successful Financial Advisory Practice, (e-book) Logan, Financial Forum Publishing, 2006

Steven Drozdeck & Lyn Fisher, The Trust Equation: The Savvy Investor’s Guide to Selecting a Competent, Ethical Financial Advisor, Logan: Fisher LeBlanc Group, 2005. November 2005)

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Steven Drozdeck & Lyn Fisher, Wealth Management Teams: The Smart Investor’s Guide to Evaluating and Selecting a Competent Team of Financial Professionals, Logan: Fisher LeBlanc Group, 2005. (ISBN: 0-9745175-4-2)

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Steven Drozdeck, The Mega Producers: Secrets of Financial Services Superstars to Lead you to the Top, Chicago: Dearborn Press, 2003. (ISBN: 0-7931-7836-3)

Steven Drozdeck & Lyn Fisher, The Trust Equation: Successful Financial Advisors Speak Out on Integrity, Client Relationships and the Wealth Management Process. Logan: Financial Forum Publishing, 2003. (ISBN:0-9745175-2-6)

Steven Drozdeck, Joseph Yeager & Linda Sommer. What They DON’T Teach You in Sales 101. New York/McGraw Hill, 1991. (ISBN: 0-07-017865-8).



Below is a sampling of just a few of the more than fifty articles published by Karl Gretz and Steven Drozdeck. To receive a copy of any of the articles, please contact us at .

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