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We offer programs directed at two primary groups of clients: 1) entrepreneurs and small to mid-size companies who need business development consulting, and 2) financial advisers and adviser teams desiring business development coaching to improve some aspect of practice management, communications or overall team effectiveness. The programs and course areas listed below provide key skills for executives, managers and sales professionals. In addition to a variety of forms of presentation, each also involves significant practical exercises to help participants to strengthen and internalize new ways of thinking and acting. For more information on the programs and courses themselves, simply click on the title of the program.


Leadership Development for Executives & Managers

Continuous leadership development is critical for your executives and managers if they are to reach their full potential and value for your company. In our leadership programs we offer the combination of classes, personal mentoring and small group coaching needed to develop the leader within your personnel. Based upon Dr. Gretz’s 40 years of experience as a US Army Green Beret A-team leader, psychologist and executive coach, each individual or team will experience a customized program designed around their level of development and needs. Examples of courses and workshops are listed below.


  • The Dynamics of Change
  • Coping with the Stress of Success
  • Dealing with Cultural Change
  • Developing a Culture of Ethics
  • Creating Your Mission Statement
  • Essential & Advanced Relationship Management Skills
  • The Character of Leadership
  • Building Effective Executive / Management / Sales Teams
  • Coaching / Mentoring for Executives & Managers
  • Your Management Style: The Psychology of Leadership vs. Management

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Business Development Coaching for Investment Advisors / Advisor Teams

sph01619jTo develop and succeed in today’s competitive financial environment, every Investment Advisor / team must manage their business as a business. Our business development coaching program offers a comprehensive analysis of your business and provides any or all of the following courses and workshops to meet your needs.

  • Individual and / or team coaching
  • Practice management to take your business to the next level
  • Effective Prospecting: The Art of Marketing Investment Advisory Services
  • Know Your Client: How to Effectively Profile Any Client’s Needs
  • Solving NOT Selling
  • The Art of Referrals
  • Essential & Advanced Relationship Management Skills

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Relationship Management Skills for Leaders

Essential Relationship Management Skills

Executive, manager or professional sales person, every leader must have the essential verbal and rapport skills needed to communicate effectively with those whom they would influence. The courses and workshops in this program provide those skills needed to clearly communicate any message. Courses / Workshops include:

  • An Introduction to Basic Communication Skills
  • Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Listening for Understanding: What did you say?
  • The Power of Positively Speaking
  • Creating Lasting Rapport
  • Courting Your Key Constituency

Advanced Relationship Management Skills

Once your message has been communicated clearly you need to ensure that it will be received with an open mind. The courses and programs listed below will provide the skills needed to communicate from your listener’s point of view, elicit and use their “hot buttons,” and match the way they make decisions and process information to achieve even deeper levels of rapport and trust.

  • Buying Criteria
  • Patterns of Influence: Factors Affecting Decision-Making
  • How We Process Information
  • Psychological Profiling: How to Avoid Hidden Emotional Agendas
  • Your Relationship Style

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Consultative Selling Skills for Sales Professionals

Consultative selling means solving the customer’s problem or meeting THEIR need, not just moving product. The courses and workshops listed below are just a few of those available to teach you how to significantly increase earnings, customer loyalty and referrals, and account penetration by focusing on the customer instead of the sale.

  • Prospecting in Today’s Environment
  • The Secret to Finding Qualified Prospects
  • Creating Your Marketing Plan
  • Profiling Customers to Elicit Needs, Resources and Timetables
  • Defining Solutions from Your Customer’s Point of View
  • Solving NOT Selling Your Solutions
  • Closing the Sale: You Owe it to Your Customer
  • The Art of Gaining Qualified Referrals

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