Consultative Selling Skills for Sales Professionals

Our program has also helped hundreds of experienced, already successful, sales professionals to immediately increase their production and referrals by over 44% when compared with peers during the same time period. This ethics-based program is designed to help sales professionals develop the tools and skills needed to effectively seek out and serve your firm’s clients by:


  • training reps in the skills needed to develop and use effective business and marketing plans,
  • walking participants through the process of understanding and explaining the firm’s mission statement to clients,
  • training participants to establish efficient work schedules to achieve performance objectives and manage their time effectively,
  • providing reps with key, essential and advanced relationship management and rapport building skills to improve long-term relationships with clients and, by
  • maximizing sales through effective profiling, putting the customer’s needs first, and constant skills practice.

The consultative selling program is normally provided in three parts to provide for review and reinforcement of key material. Part 1 consists of key relationship skills, sales and an introduction into managing your business. Part 2 takes place approximately four weeks later and consists of review and advanced skills. And Part 3, which takes place approximately 3-6 months after Part 2, consists of both review and a variety of additional advanced skills.

Every line sales professional needs to understand and use customer-based, consultative selling to build long-term, successful relationships. Based upon Karl Gretz’s and Steve Drozdeck’s books, this program has helped thousands of new sales reps to jump-start their careers by providing the key client relationship and selling skills needed to succeed.

We create measurable value by:

  • Increasing sales production.
  • Increasing asset gathering.
  • Increasing referrals.
  • Decreasing turnover.
  • Reducing compliance problems.

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