It’s Not About You

It’s natural to look at the world through our own eyes and to measure everything as it relates to us. It’s all about me! This is a basic, biologic survival mechanism. However, if you want to create lasting, meaningful relationships, you have to learn to transcend this basic survival mechanism and start looking at the world through the eyes of others and evaluating what you see from their point of view. In the end, that’s the only way you’ll ever really understand and relate to others on a deep, meaningful level.

Simple Rules for Coaching FAs

Yesterday, in The Management Letter from Registered Rep, Susan Konig shared some excellent ideas to help branch managers handle their critical responsibility of coaching FAs and FA teams. As part of her article, she shared six steps from Dr. Alden Cass to help even new BOMs coach more effectively. They are:

  • Listen proactively to your FAs struggles, goals and frustrations.
  • Encourage growth and motivation.
  • Accept that each of your FAs is unique and deal with them accordingly.
  • Door open policy at all times.
  • Educate your FAs on best practices.
  • Reinforce positive incremental successes.

Each of these steps is clearly defined in much greater detail in a step-by-step process any BOM improve his or her coaching. To read the entire article, please click the following link on your browser: http://registeredrep.com/newsletters/branchofficemanager/art_of_coaching_0711/

What struggles / frustrations / successes have you experienced in coaching your FAs and FA teams? Please share them with us. Thanks and good luck. kfg

The Consulting Process

The Consulting Process