About Us

Since 1988 we and our strategic partners have specialized in providing business development consulting and support services that increase performance. We do this by providing consulting, coaching and training programs specifically designed to help you identify, define and achieve your objectives. GCG has been a leader in the development and implementation of customer-based, team-building, leadership, sales and management programs and curricula content for over 50 firms. During that time we have Trained, mentored and / or coached over 20,000 senior executives, managers and line sales professionals throughout the United States and Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and the Persian Gulf.


GCG Mission Statement

Our mission is to dramatically improve the personal performance of executives, managers, sales professionals and their teams by increasing the relationship management, leadership, motivational and self-management skills needed to achieve real excellence in today’s highly competetive business, home and community environments. Our internalization model means significant and permanent performance improvement. Our success comes as participants see “ah hah” relevance in concepts and then internalize them.


Success Happens With Internalization

The evaluation of our performance by clients tells us we’re touching chords that resonate when people are exposed to them. While the comments of clients are flattering, they tell us that people are willing to internalize the consultative principles we teach. That is the difference between our approach and any other. Success happens with internalization. That’s our value!